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Patient Testimonials

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

RTT for finding your voice
I did a session with Kasia about finding my voice, and I've seen rapid transformation over the past five days. ("Finding my Voice" was Kasia's idea, after I had asked for her advice because I felt like I had so many different issues I wanted to tackle.) Within two hours, I had blocks to my inner voice released to the point I clearly saw an event happen in my mind before it physically happened in front of me (because my own voice so strongly warned me), I knew that I needed to stop and ask a stranger for advice on my profession because I knew he shared my profession and had been doing it longer than me (because my inner voice brought this to my attention), and I was able to clearly say things to people I hadn't had the courage to say- along with having called several people to have lengthy conversations. It has continued to change my life on a daily basis- I speak confidently and clearly, I actually asked to speak to a manager when my issue with a company was not being resolved well- something I never would have done before. People call me "ma'am" now on the phone where before they would call me "honey" or "sweetheart." I also use my inner voice to clearly ask for the things I want and need during my meditation/quiet time, instead of "daydreaming" and it's led to so many moments of synchronicity.  For example, I asked for opportunities to make money the other night and the next day my neighbor was moving and gave me all her household furniture that I can sell- and I also made $145.00 that day because someone unexpectedly asked to buy some other household items from me! I asked to meet the right people at the right time, and the next day when I was looking for childcare providers I clearly knew which girl to contact first- and she has been the most qualified even though on paper she did not appear to be! I have met amazing contacts! I had people telling me the same exact message over and over everywhere I went over these past few days that it was almost strange if they didn't say it. I highly recommend working with Kasia, it will change your life. She is so good at really getting to the core of whatever the issue is that's causing blocks in your life, and it's amazing to watch as she works with you to just plow them out of the way so you never to trip over them again ever! And she can do it remotely too! I am so looking forward to working with her again. If you have the opportunity to work with her, even if you're not sure she could help you, do it now. I guarantee Kasia will help you more than you ever thought you needed! Don't wait, I can tell you it will be something you will not regret. This is an investment in yourself, and you will go on to enrich the lives of others in ways you never thought possible- and that is the best form of investment there is! I'm just so excited about what she does because it really will change the world, it will change how people view "medicine" and "health" all over the world, it's amazing! Thank you Kasia!!

-A.E., August, 2017

Abundance Blocks
I asked Kasia to help me reprogram my mind for financial stability and abundance. After having only one session (which was a deeply powerful experience), I am now free of the anxiety I had over money, and I know prosperity is at the door. When I "lose" a business client now, I no longer feel upset... I just let it go. I'm now able to financially plan, rather than being frozen by money fears, and I'm free of the perception I previously lived with of a constant financial struggle (it was a horrible way to live). Kasia's voice is so soothing, my mind craves the recording she made for me, and I go into a state of pleasant relaxation each time I listen to it. She's a very compassionate and effective healer, and I'm very grateful to her for her profound impact on my life... My business is now thriving, and it's just going to get better and better, because she's rewired my mind accordingly... I truly trust and believe in Kasia.
Olivia W., Alexandria, VA, August, 2017

I recently had a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session with Kasia. Over the years, I have had a few hypnosis sessions using traditional hypnosis and time line therapy, but RTT was very different. I also tried conventional talk therapy and that really didn't work.
Kasia was very effective and skillful in how she used RTT with me. She was able to get to the root of my issues in the first session and I was able to finally understand and connect the dots as to why and how my past stuff has affected me my entire life. I feel like my brain got an adjustment. I see things differently. I feel calmer, more relaxed, and more confident throughout the day. My mood and attitude toward life is better. I feel like I am a better mom because I am more patient. I sleep the whole night through again because I worry less, which is a blessing.
I can't wait until my next session with Kasia. She is more than worth it. I would pay triple her fee and I would highly recommend her. If you are ready to try something different and innovative that works, give her a call today.
Liz V., Los Angeles, CA, July, 2017

I received an RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) session with Kasia via video chat and right from the very start of our conversation I felt extremely comfortable and confident that she would help me clear some money blocks I had.
After a relaxing guided induction into hypnosis I felt extremely calm and trusted Kasia and the process. She has a lovely way of making you feel at ease. She was very reassuring and gentle as emotions arose and I felt a lightness and release as we dealt with issues I had not given any prior significance to.
I came out of the 90 minute session with Kasia feeling so free, confident, light and a sense of accomplishment. I feel like I really dealt with things I did not even know needed to be resolved. I have had hypnotherapy before but with RTT it gets down deep to the root cause and that is such a healing process.
Kasia did an amazing session with me and I highly recommend her. She is so skilled and passionate about helping and does so in such a gentle and nurturing way you just cannot help but get results fast!
Thank You Kasia
With much love
Jan E., New Zealand, July, 2017

Limiting Beliefs

Honestly, I was not sure what to expect with RTT. It was slightly out of my comfort zone, but I had been working with Kasia for more than a year in her capacity as an NAET practitioner. The success I had with those treatments spoke for itself, and I have come to deeply trust Kasia as a guide and a healer. She believes strongly in RTT, and I believe in her, so I gave it a try.
It was amazing how quickly years of emotional baggage disappeared. After only two sessions, I feel more free. I feel like every day I step more fully into the person I was always meant to be. I'm no longer affected by the painful and limiting beliefs that I accumulated over time. If you have curiosity about the treatment, take the leap. It will change you in ways you can't even imagine yet.
Emily J., Concord, NH, August, 2017

My RTT session with Kasia was amazing. She is an excellent hypnotherapist who helped me erase a limiting belief I had that was blocking my growth. I highly recommend her for her knowledge, empathy and professionalism.
Claudia B., Mexico, July 2017

RTT for Frequent Panic Attacks
I have suffered from severe anxiety my whole life. Throughout my early childhood, I would have a meltdown anytime I was separated from my mother for school or any other activities. Later, this developed into OCD and debilitating social anxiety. My fears would often surface in the form of panic attacks. In these episodes, I would become convinced that I was having difficulty breathing or that something awful was about to happen to me.
Although regular cognitive behavioral therapy helped me to control and subdue my fears enough to live a normal life, in recent years I have found that the panic attacks did not go away. In fact, in the months leading up to my first RTT session with Kasia, they were getting out of control. I was having panic attacks multiple times a day and constantly felt uneasy.
When Kasia asked me what we should treat first, I immediately knew: I needed the panic attacks to stop!
After only this one treatment, I saw an enormous improvement. The session itself left me feeling the most relaxed I had felt in months, and each morning and night when I listen to my recording I feel this peace again. Since my session, I have had almost no panic attacks and when I do, they have lost their bite. I find myself being able to reason my way through them, which anyone who has had this form of anxiety knows is not usually an option. The treatment has allowed me to see the cause of my fears, and this by itself has given me a tremendous relief.
As someone who has been a patient of Kasia’s for over two years and has now experienced the effects of RTT first hand, I cannot recommend her practice enough!
Andrew B., Age 22, New Hampshire, May 2017

RTT for allergies
"Since my Rapid Transformational Therapy session, I have been able to handle all of the chaos of moving very well, no new allergies at all!! As time goes by, I have had less & less reaction to the things that were bothering me before, i.e. the new house, it only lasted for
the first week or so. I have been able to eat ice cream and gluten free pizza with regular cheese and not have any reaction whatsoever. My reaction to wheat is decreasing in severity all the time. This week, it was very, very minor. I've also noticed other things that
would bother me slightly no longer do. I believe the more severe allergies are just taking a little more time to clear. The minor ones seem to be gone. Perhaps when I get back to the recording it will work a little faster. Thank you so much for seeking out a better way to treat, RTT is what I've been looking for for many years but didn't know it!
Donna P., May 23, 2017
(Donna has been coming for NAET for over 2 years with some improvement, but she would sometimes notice a new allergy every week, or an allergy we had already treated would come back again. The testimonial above is from a few weeks after her RTT session).

Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques®

NAET for Mold and Environmental Allergies
“It is amazing the difference a year makes! One year ago I was suffering from environmental allergies, especially to mold. I was overweight, experienced chronic fatigue and brain fog. I was losing hope as I seemed to always be getting worse and was no longer able to effectively do my job. I had a very difficult time staying in the buildings I lived and worked in and would often sleep outside in a tent to try to stay clear of the mold there. I heard about Kasia from a family friend and began my NAET treatments. What I experienced throughout the year was a very steady increase in my physical and emotional health. Every time I did a treatment I would take another step forward. Whereas before I was always feeling worse and worse, I now look forward every day to getting better and better. I now experience almost no allergy symptoms and feel better than I have in years! Kasia is a wonderful and knowledgable person to work with and she has also been a big encouragement as I have changed my diet, lost 60 pounds, and found a new love for healthy living. Thank you, Kasia!”

Matthew Mason, July 29, 2016

16-year-old boy with Asperger Syndrome
"Hello, I hope this finds you well.  I just wanted to relate to you that J. has been exhibiting increased maturity over the past couple of weeks - very few escalations, maintaining a more even keel with his frustration/anxiety levels. Also, he contributed to discussions twice this week in World Studies with his opinion/answer which has been a very rare occurrence in the past.  I have made a point of giving him positive feedback about this to build his confidence, as have his teachers."
This was an unsolicited report from an aide at school to J.'s mother after just 6 of the NAET® basic treatments. Wowza.     

Severe sinus problems for 25 years
“My environmental allergies of 25 years had become unlivable to the point of experiencing frequent and uncontrollable coughing spasms. The allergy shots and daily medications which I was taking seemed to have lost their effectiveness and I was fast becoming embarrassed to be around people. After 6 months of NAET treatment I am feeling the best that I’ve felt in many years. Not only have my allergies subsided, I sleep better and have more energy. All the aches and pains in my body have subsided. Over these past 6 months as I have become free of allergies I have also become free from having to take medications. I learned that I also had food allergies and have made changes to my diet. I keep a poster on the refrigerator with Kasia’s quote: “NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS HEALTHY FEELS.” How true it is!! Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques has given me back a full and active life. Oh, did I mention I’m in my late seventies?!”
Julie R., October 21, 2015

Lyme Disease
"After more than a decade of a myriad of physical symptoms ranging from severe IBS, many food intolerances, significant fatigue with loss of endurance, chronic neck stiffness, mental decline, pins and needles in my hands/feet and occasional good days followed by days with waves of feeling ill I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease and told I needed 18 months or more of antibiotic treatment. My mother had experienced remarkable allergy relief with NAET so I decided to give it a try in the hopes of strengthening my body for the onslaught of the antibiotic treatment. I feel fortunate that I found a true healer in Kasia Weglarz and I am happy to report that after many months of twice a week NAET treatments that my Lyme doctor has decided that antibiotic treatment is no longer necessary. My fatigue has lifted, my mental symptoms are largely gone as are the pins and needles in my hands and feet and the cyclical waves of feeling ill. As with all chronic illnesses there is still an occasional day that a symptom flare a little but it comes and goes in a day rather then weeks or months and my life is now filled with good days rather then bad. Overall, I feel better today then I have in 15 years and I look forward to more improvements as I continue to work with Kasia. When you have complicated health issues like I have, healing with NAET is both a time and monetary commitment for me it has been worth every sacrifice to have my life back."
Lisa P., April 4, 2015

Nightshade Vegetable Allergies, Spices, Eye problems
"I confess I only came to see Kasia Weglarz because I was desperate. I had developed what I call “zombie eyes,” and as a writer, this was disabling. After much misery and questioning—I’m talking 5 years—my husband finally discovered on the Mayo website that “nightshade allergies” can cause eczema and eyeball misery. But allergists I went to see knew nothing about it, or had no remedies but drugs for the symptoms that grew less effective over time. NAET® was recommended to me by the Blum Center for Health, run by Dr.Susan Blum, whose book I had just read, or I probably would not have pursued it. My first meeting with Kasia, I still felt skeptical. I had a two-hour drive, it wasn’t covered by insurance—and what if it didn’t work? It seemed a strange process. But NAET® did work, and over time, I saw how knowledgeable Kasia was and came to admire her. Now people are remarking to me how great I look—they mean I’m no longer looking like a zombie, but a healthy and happy woman. Because I feel great too."
Rickey D., April 3, 2014

Food Allergies, Seasonal Allergies, Feeling Stuck, Rheumatoid Arthritis
"After working with Kasia for a few months I am free of numerous food and seasonal allergies that plagued my life. Before Kasia's NAET® treatments, I felt as if I were moving through life rooted to one spot by gummy strings and she has severed those bindings. My rheumatoid arthritis has improved dramatically in the last few months as well."
~Alice M., June 10, 2013, began NAET® treatment in August, 2012

Multiple Food Allergies, Hormones, Emotions
"I developed numerous food allergies over a period of 4 incredibly stressful years. Since I am a chef this was obviously problematic! Just scooping flour would cause my sinuses to run profusely and my eyes to water. I tried every kind of medication: over-the-counter, prescription, flonase, nasonex, claritin, benadryl, zyrtec. Any relief they brought was temporary, but I also felt it wasn't so smart to pair the side-effects of drowsiness and brain fog with hot, sharp objects! Acupuncture helped some, but I would have to avoid the kitchen for a few weeks to see lasting results. I feared I would have to end my career as a chef.

From the first NAET® treatment with Kasia my symptoms improved. With each subsequent treatment they diminished. I am happily still cooking with no allergic reactions. My immune system is strong and my hormones and emotions are more balanced.

I get nothing for the insurance premiums I pay, I spent so much money chasing conventional approaches that didn't work...NAET® WORKS!!! NAET® is the best insurance for a healthy future."
~Sue B., June 21, 2013, NAET® fan since 2009 

Allergies to Cats
"My children used to be allergic to cats. Their eyes would water, and then
swell. Sometimes they would get hives. Now, thanks to the treatments done
by our NAET® practitioner Kasia Weglarz, we have adopted a cat. Once the
kids were treated with the dander vial, Vitamin C, and our cat's own dander,
they stopped reacting. We love our cat and are so excited that all adverse
reactions to cats have stopped. I recommend NAET to anyone that is allergic
to animals."
~Kim C., September 5, 2013

Emotions, Stress, Fear, Sympathetic Nervous System
"Hi, my name is Marzipan. I was a stray cat for awhile before I let my owners take me in. I was always afraid and under stress...even though I was safe with my new people. Then I met Kasia...I would jump on the treatment table and ask her for a treatment because I knew she loved cats and would try to help me. After four treatments for my sympathetic nervous system and fear I feel much better! I am calm and relaxed, I play with the other cat, I sit on laps and let everyone pat me. I can clean myself wherever I need to, without having to run and hide. NAET® is a great treatment; it has helped my people with their allergies, it helped me with my fear...it even helped the dog with her fear of thunderstorms! I highly recommend this life-changing treatment. Thank you, Kasia, I am your biggest fan!"
~Marzipan S., March 26, 2014

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